ROTH Marketing and Conferences

ROTH Conferences

ROTH Conferences are one of the largest in the nation for small-cap companies. We combine company presentations, Q&A sessions and management one-on-one meetings. Our events are also the primary platform for relationship building with existing and potential clients.

Our distinguished list of presenting companies have been identified by our award winning research team and are representative of a broad spectrum of sectors, including Business Services, Cleantech, Consumer, Electronics, Global Energy & Industrials, Gaming, Healthcare, Industrials, Media, Retail and Software.

For additional information about ROTH Conferences, please contact:
Isabel A. Mattson-Pain
Director of Marketing
Newport Beach

Tamara Stegmaier
Senior Manager, Corporate Access & Events
Newport Beach

Jason Javage
Marketing & Events Manager
Newport Beach

Debbi Dickinson
Graphics Manager
Newport Beach


ROTH Marketing and Conferences

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